Branding Strategy: how to Create Word of Mouth ? (3/5)



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The next two out of eight engines stated to fuel word of mouth are Tribalism and RSO explained as follows:

Tribalism: The desire to gather into tribes is fundamental to human nature. We like to associate with like-minded people, or simply to be close to people we find interesting. 

RSO (Relevant Sensory Oddity): When our senses are presented with something extraordinary, we recognize an experience as special, and are subsequently more inclined to talk about it. 

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Cesvet, B., Babinski, T., and Alper, E. (2008). Conversational Capital: How to Create Stuff People Love to Talk About 1er éd. (FT Press).

Tony Babinski, Creative Director I Bertrand Cesvet, Chairman I Eric Alper, Lead Strategist [Sidlee]





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