Health 2.0 Europe


Health 2.0 is a variation of the term web 2.0 where everyone is offered the opportunity to communicate, share information and experiences with the Internet’s technologies. 

Therefore, everything becomes a matter of participation and exchange between patients grouped on the same virtual space, but also between the providers and the latter. The patient's environment has completely changed and the Patients 2.0 phenomenon characterizes the emergence of an enlightened population. These patients use the Internet to search for medical information but also to disclose experiences about themselves or their relatives. And beyond the virtual world, the effects spread to all stages of the caring process… 

Thanks to Pascal Lardier, International Director at Health 2.0 – ‘’the leading showcase of cutting-edge technologies in health care, including Online Communities, Search and lightweight Tools for consumers to manage their health and connect to providers online”- I had the opportunity to speak about my current research on Patients 2.0, interviewing more than 40 patients and doctors on the first qualitative step of my work. Here is the interview

Health 2.0’s organizers, Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya, announce the 2nd annual  Health 2.0 Europe in Berlin on October 27-28, 2011. 

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