The Fatest Man In The World

Today, I had the privilege to meet Hervé Nys, an inspiring artist who masters the art of wax casting, carving and patina. Born in south of France, he worked for long as a mechanic in the Aviation section of the Navy and nowadays his passion for mechanic and cars certainly adds to his technical skills creating very imaginative car sculptures: 

•   Liaisons dangereuses

•   Life

•   Tête à queue

•   Enlacets

Hervé Nys stands out in highlighting the beauty of mechanics, subtly and audaciously distorting shapes as well as setting new ones as per demonstrated in his gallery.  

And when the artist is being asked where does his imagination come from, his answer is full of promisses: "I have one idea every day, more or less… It comes out of my dreams, from what I see, from my daily life.''   

Bullet by Hervé Nys 

Manager: Christine Dufour

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