Is Singularity getting closer?*


I have always been impressed by Kurzweil, not only because of his scientific and creative skills but also for his milestone predictions. For many years, he has forecasted potential events in different publications (Kurzweil, 199019992005). In 2110, he reviewed his past predictions which showed an 86 % accuracy rate – 147 correct predictions – to include the demise of the Soviet Union, another was the rise of the Internet, the high-bandwidth wireless communication, the augmented reality technology However, this report (and Kurzweil as well) have been subjects of controversies.  Even so, Kurzweil remains an eminently respected forecaster, well- listened to by world leaders.

Even though Kurzweil did not coin the word Singularity, he contributed to its explanation and popularity. Singularity implies a sudden growth in the field of  technology that can cause a sudden break and changes in common patterns. For instance Kurzweil estimates that medical technology will improve rapidly, increasing humanity's lifespan by more than one year per year.  He targets 2045 as the year when mankind will become immortal.  Why not, then, scan human beings' consciousness into computers, allowing for virtual immortality, as immortal super cyborgs?

So, is Singularity getting closer to reality? Ariel Garten, CEO of InteraXon, does not seem to share this point of view, and she has shown clear contradiction to Singularity, at least for the next 20 years.  Ariel Garten has presented thought controlled computing technology that could allow some people to control parts of the world using only minds and the brains’ low frequencies electrical waves, converted to digital signals.  This means that one could turn a light on and off using one's brain. 

InteraXon developed applications:

                – so that you can see your brain'w waves (Here are Geraldine Le Meur's ones):









- so that you can see you focus (high line) and your meditation (below line) state:








As well as focus game applications like Zen Bound® 2 Universal or other technological tools to track your brainwaves during your sleep.

Ariel is convinced that: “With a guru in your pocket you can bring clarity and awareness…”

The technology is at its early stages of development, but Ariel Garten believes that this method will  be a beneficial way for humanity to interact with technology and that it will bring improvements to mankind.  

Below are some further inputs from Ariel :

*I was invited to attend LeWeb11 by Orange Group to join their Social Media Team

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