Let’s Blipp It!*


Ambarish Mitra has named his company Blippar inspired by the word Blipp: v. & n. blipp-ed, blipp-ing: the action of instantaneously converting anything in the real world into an interactive wow experience.

Pursuing on what-will-shape-how-we-connect-with-each-other-in-the-next -10-years’ session, giving us insights of a-vision-of-2022, Ambarish Mitra offered us his pitch about Blippy's core business and innovative services.

Blippar was launched in the UK in the Summer of 2011. The company is defined as follows: “the first image-recognition phone app aimed at bringing to life real-world newspapers, magazines, products and posters with exciting augmented reality experiences and instantaneous content.”

Ambarish Mitra decided to develop this technology because it’s a truly game changing new medium:

#1 Instantly, converting the physical old-push world into a spontaneously ‘pulled’ interactive experience,

#2 Where interactivity and unparalleled engagement-proactively are requested,

#3 Where content is delivered straight to user’s hand,

#4 Measurable, accountable and mappable to the very last blip

#5 Where audience is rapidly growing

Blippy has already partnered brands and media giants like Unilever, Nestle, Heinz, Diageo, Xbox, Samsung, Cadbury, Domino's and many more. A simple iPhone, iPad or Android device’s camera is required to use Blippar’s Augmented-Reality technology and to reveal a 3D overlay as demonstrated in the below video:

The innovation session showcased demonstrations from many outstanding innovators in the mobile industry, and Blippar won the first price rewarded by the spectators followed by Audience.

*I was invited to attend Mobile World Congress 2012 by Orange Group to join their Social Media Team

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