The Story of my Day-1 at the Women’s Forum*



This was my first time, first day, at the Women’s Forum, chaired by Véronique Morali since 2011, an emblematic figure of female networks. It’s a privilege to attend this event where world-leading women raise their voices about the current global, social and economic issues.  Virginie Morgon and Evelyne Sevin introduced the 17 out of 20 nominees of the 2012 Rising Talents project, a network of highly talented women from 39 countries. Since 2007 and each year, 20 women are selected from a variety of different backgrounds and are being helped through the path of their careers’ acceleration.

The first session I attended was about major achievements that remain to be overcome, namely: “What do we still need to do better for women?

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*I was invited to attend Women's Forum 2012 by Orange Group to join their Social Media Team. Read more about these 3 days reports from the team at Live Orange Blog.


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