Making Dreams Come True*



Munjal Shah tells us about ‘Superhumanism’ or how to dream and use our capacities as human beings, whether physical, mental, emotional or social. It is no doubt every child’s dream to one day become Superman or Superwoman … But Munjal’s approach in this case is much more pragmatic. For him, “the superpowers that a person desires are a reflection of their hopes, dreams and needs” and finding out what these are holds the key to discovering the recipe for products that will receive massive support from these potential users.

Based on this principle, he carried out a study of 1,000 people, asking them about their desires. But before revealing the results of the study, Munjal starts by listing the products that can reflect the concept of power in everyone’s minds:

i)          the carbon blades worn by South-African athlete Oscar Pistorius, nicknamed the ‘Blade Runner,’ who ran at the Olympics and Paralympics in London,

ii)         EksoBionics, a pioneering solution in the field ofexoskeletons, increasing the human capacities of those who have lost their mobility,

iii)        Japanese scientists have created a film of microscopic thickness that can prevent tooth decay and give teeth a renewed shine. “Patch dent,” an ultra-flexible, highly resistant material made of hydroxyapatite, the main material found in enamel, could well spell the end of tooth wear.

iv)        Soundhawk makes “bionic” listening devices to improve sound quality and eliminate background noise using 3 DSP (Digital Sound Processing). The product will be adapted to help people who are hard of hearing…

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