New gTLD Draw


On Monday December 17 a draw was held at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton Hotel and broadcast live on the web to determine the order in which applications will be reviewed for new web domain extensions. This long, laborious and tedious process was finally completed some ten hours after it had started.

Did you know?

ICANN announced the launch of the operation on June 20, 2011, agreeing to expand the number of top level domains (.com, .info, .net and so on…). 1930 applications have been submitted since then. 1917 applications are currently being considered after the first withdrawals. The candidates or their representatives were then able to buy a ticket for $100 to get a priority number for the draw for the review of their application.

The draw took place in 4 stages: #1 IDN extensions (non-Latin characters) with tickets, #2 ASCII extensions (Latin characters, the everyday ones we currently use) with tickets, #3 IDN extensions without tickets, #4 ASCII extensions without tickets.

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