Astounding LAX Tom Bradley Terminal Experience


The Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX is definitively my favorite terminal so far, and I could take it as a destination as its visiting experience is astounding. 

Lucky me, Air France started using its new gates because A380s don’t fit in others.

TBIT – designed by Curtis Fentress who also designed Denver International Airport and the Green Square Complex in Raleigh – amounted to $1.6 billion investment in a $4.1 billion LAX Capital Improvements Program.

Curtis Fentress was inspired by the Pacific Ocean, designing a flowing roofline overlooking the 110-foot Great Hall. But there’s no doubt the most impressive feature remains the multimedia content displayed on the Time Tower – a 72-foot-tall, four-sided media feature with 5,480 square feet of LED surfaces. This Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMS) offers visual illusions that are spectacular and the first of their kind in airports’ environment. The content is produced by Moment Factory – a Montreal-based company – that used the latest in high-resolution imaging, 3D effects and even technologies that react directly with people’s movements and with real-time airport information.

Besides, the terminal counts 60 restaurants, full-service spa treatments, a myriad of luxury retail shops, that would make you wish to extend any waiting and leave travelers with dreamlike impressions of the City of Angels.



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