Medicine 2.0 @ Stanford



Medicine 2.0 Fall Conference 2011 initiated by Gunther Eysenbach and organized by Larry Chu and his great team (including Zoë) was held in Stanford University at the Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge.

What is Medicine 2.0 about?

Medicine 2.0 is certainly about bridging the gap between Academics, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Healthcare Providers and ePatients so that everybody can learn from others’ experience thanks to social media growing phenomenon and empowering tools. 

The Congress provided great insights from:

·  Speakers, such as Howard Rheingold, the famous Smart Mobs' writer and inventor of the term ‘’virtual community’’ and Susannah Fox, a major actor and digital strategist in social life in Healthcare,

·  Professors, such as Jennifer L. Aaker, demonstrating the positive infectious characteristics of social media achieving fabulous results,  

·  Doctors, such as  Enoch Choi, fostering physicians’ engagement in social media,  

·  Healthcare providers, such as Pam Ressler, whose research's concern is about “Communicating the Experience of Illness through Patient Blogs", 

·  Health 2.0 experts and event organizers, such as Denise Silber, founder of Doctors 2.0 Paris conference,

·  Entrepreneurs demonstrating their latest technological breakthroughs such as JiffPad, an Ipad app that allows medical field actors to communicate with patients together with creating a digital record of medical instruction for them, 

·  Grad Students such as Martina Moick, presenting her research’s taxonomical results on how and the reasons why German practitioners use the Internet. 

Among other perspectives, I was impressed by the ePatients’ session gathering 10 patients, narrating their experiences through disease and advocating the positive psychosociological help of social media through their hardship. Jody Schoger demonstrated how ePatients are highly enthusiastic about getting better and getting rid of illness and how they express it through such networks.

I also had the chance to present my own research (see below presentation), and I’m highly convinced that such events give great feedbacks and ideas for current and further studies. Thank you for your comments and encouragements! 

So, now…Stay tuned for the next year event, taking place at Harvard, and adding the Mobile Apps topic to Social Media, and Internet/Web 2.0 in Medicine, Health & Biomedical Research already addressed ones.   

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